Redbull Rampage 2010

Sending it over the 60ft Canyon Gap aka Death Gap

I had the opportunity to witness in person my favorite gravity event of all time, The 2010 Redbull Rampage! This was my first introduction into the world of Free Riding and Downhill Mountain Biking. The 1st minute of the 2008 Redbull Rampage DVD where you hear the guy on the radio calling out 5…. 4….. 3…. 2…. 1…. makes the hair on my body stand up but to experience in person cannot even compare. I got to Virgin Utah on Friday to catch the qualifiers and see all the new talent and was there to support the youngest rider of the bunch, 16 year old Big Mountain Hucker Wil White. Logan Binggeli from KHS Racing took 1st place in the qualifier that cemented his position in the Sunday Main Event. I’d like to thank Wil White and KHS for making it possible for me to cover this event. If I had to choose only 1 event to shoot, no doubt the Redbull Rampage would be it.

Top Event Photos (Fri/Sat/Sun): FaceBook | High Resolution

Friday – Qualifications: FaceBook | High Resolution

Satuday – Practice: FaceBook | High Resolution

Sunday – Finals: FaceBook | High Resolution

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